Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Games, The Games

I had hoped that the greatest economic crisis in 70 years would be enough to focus the mind of this government. I was obviously silly to hold that hope. I thought, "Surely, they will put aside the silly games they so love, for the good of the country?" What a fool I am sometimes. To Conservatives, I am sick of games. I am sick of "the game". For the love of God, will you just govern? If you aren't interested in the job, then for all of our sakes, please resign, enmasse and let someone else do the job. There is no shame in admitting you haven't a clue how to do the work for which you were elected. There is only shame in playing silly games while the country is sinking into economic despair.

Friday Update:Wells feels the same way, but says it so much better.
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