Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To The Neighbours

Congratulations to the American people on the successful conclusion of their election. Even to a cynic like me, it is inspirational to see people so motivated to take political action. Senator Obama's message resonates beyond the borders of America. His message touches on the founding Tory ideals of Canada. Peace, order and good government are as Canadian as it gets and they are Obama's watchwords. Americans need a good Tory government right now, after eight years of radical experiments, both at home and abroad. Here is hoping our neighbours get what they need.

As a sidelight, I agree with the prevailing sentiment this morning that the election of Obama is an amazing event. To think that a bi-racial American was elected, given the history of America, is mind-blowing. As a Canadian, it is hard to imagine us confronting our own history in the same way and electing, say, a Metis Prime Minister. Just when you think America is finished, Americans go and do something unexpected, gutsy and great. Thanks for that.
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