Thursday, November 06, 2008

The First Taste Is Free, Mr. President

Harper is wasting no time trying to corrupt the Obama regime. It is trying to convince the new government that the oil sands are a good way to ensure America has a secure source of energy. "Never mind the pollution Mr. President-elect" says the snake in his ear, "the oil sands are so sands are soo easy, soo secure. What's the harm in a little more carbon in the atmosphere, eh? In the long run we are dead anyway." All I can say to Obama is, beware. This is the same group that tried to defeat you during the election by leaking private and erroneous information. They are bush league Bushites and cannot be trusted.
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  1. The USA needs oil, which costs $$. Would you rather that $$ go somewhere else?

    If so, it may leave our country cleaner, but some people unemployed and some social programs unfunded. It's not as easy a choice as you think.

  2. What it will do is free Alberta from any responsibility to clean up its act and push the cost onto the rest of North America. I wonder how Obama will sell this "idea" to West Virginians when he has all but told them that their dirty business is on the way out. What Harper is saying in effect is, cut everybody else but the oil sands. Cut them deep if you have to, but leave Alberta alone. I am sure Obama is hearing that from every sector of the economy. If he goes for the Harper "plan" he will always have it thrown in his face by other industries. Obama is many things, but stupid isn't one of them. I think he will thank Mr. Harper politely and create an all inclusive cap and trade system.