Monday, October 13, 2008


No matter how tomorrow turns out, Canadians will be the losers. We will, once again, be governed by a single party with far, far less than majority support among voters. Canadians will be told to accept this as a legitimate expression of "democracy", rather than as a fluke of vote splitting, created by a deeply undemocratic voting system. Frankly, I have seriously considered not voting this time, because I don't live in a swing riding and my vote will not change the outcome of this election in any way. However, I will go out an vote, simply because to do so will help fund the party of my choice.

People who read this blog regularly, will not be surprised that I have decided to vote NDP. It does somewhat surprise me. There are things about Jack Layton that make me cringe, but given the alternative programs of the other parties, I think the NDP is the superior party to have in power during this coming economic crisis.

Harper has made it clear that he will cut government programs rather than go into deficit (which has a distinct 1930 ring to it) and Dion has made it clear that all his promises are up for grabs, except the Green Shift. I simply don't trust either of them to put the interests of middle and lower class Canadians ahead of those of their friends in the oil patch and Bay Street. So, for whatever it is worth, since as I have explained, my vote is pretty much meaningless, I will cast it for Cindy Jacobson.
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  1. Your vote's worth a buck-o'five.

    Or a buck seventy-five. (Or has it gone up now? A buck eighty-three?)

  2. But isn't it much nicer and more Canadian to oppress the majority of voters, rather than the minority? Either way, somebody gets screwed. Democracy is a game you can lose. PR would forever eliminate the possibility of conservative and/or libertarian viewpoints having any effect on policy, drowned out in the clamour of the hive. Now if only there were a conservative party...