Friday, October 03, 2008

Salutin Tells The Truth

And the crickets chirp. Look, over there, a shiny thing! Canadians deserve better, but our elites like things just as they are, thanks.
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  1. You can't have it both ways. Either the Liberals are progressive or they are not. If you carved of the Turner/Martin/Ignatieff from the party then you get over 50% in favour of the "fiscal conservative" position. Economically the centre in this country has moved to the right when even the NDP say they would never go into deficit. Keynesian economics are dead and we are in the neo-conservative or neo-liberal age now.

  2. The Liberals aren't progressives. Some of the people who vote for them think they are. Therein lies the problem. And can you seriously say Keynes is dead after 700 Billion U.S. just walked out the door from the public sector to the private? Hey man just like there aren't any atheists in fox holes, there aren't any Friedmanites in depressions.