Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As Inevitable As The Sunrise

The Star has not one, but two, editorial page exhortations for people to vote. The writers of neither piece can understand why people aren't honored go out and vote. Well, let me explain.

People might not be so thrilled in participating in an exercise where the outcome will be a government with the support of well less than 40% of the population. They, unlike the writers of the Star's editorial page, know that any system that gives us a government where 2/3 of the votes are ignored, is not democratic in any sense of that word. Perhaps those who choose not to vote are sick and tired of wasting their time participating in a process they know from the outset is rigged against them? Hectoring people about their democratic responsibilities does nothing to fix the fatal flaws in the way we choose governments. Only electoral reform, which the Toronto Star sleazily opposed in Ontario to the benefit of its political masters, can fix what ails this country. If you want people to participate in democracy, you must first give them democracy.

I have outlined the reason why I will vote and it has nothing to do with democracy. With me, it is purely a cash donation to the party of my choice. If others choose not to vote, it is because our system is a failure, not because they have no democratic impulse. The editorial writers of the Star should be ashamed to defend this farce as democratic.
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