Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Poor Little Guy Who Holds All The Power (And Rules Like A King)

That is the name of Harper's forthcoming book. Not really, but it should be. It is hard to believe the guy is still playing the underdog after ruling for three years. I mean, he must have mentioned the fact that he didn't have as much fun as he wanted to, because they were all against him, about 3 or 4 times post debate. But hey, if the media is going to go along with that spin, why not, it has worked for the Republicans for 40 years. You just can't pay for headlines like Rivals Gang Up On Harper. His supporters will eat it with a spoon and my great aunt will feel sorry for poor, poor, Mr. Harper.

As for myself, I thought Dion will win the approval of the pundit class with his performance (at least in English Canada), Layton did fine, but the pundits hate him anyway so he will be judged a loser, Duceppe was his usual self, leaving me wishing he was a member of the NDP and May was cute as a button (I know, you are not supposed to say that, but she has this twinkle, you know?) and I agreed with her assessment that Harper was a fraud.

Update: It looks like Kinsella and I watched the same debate.
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