Monday, October 06, 2008

Junior MacKay: When In Doubt, Make Shit Up

Junior is on the defensive over the British Commander's remarks about Afghanistan being unwinnable:
He said Mr. Layton was wrong to interpret Carleton-Smith's opinion as support for the NDP's stance.

“Jack's off base as he is on so many issues,” said Mr. MacKay, who was also in St. John's to shore up support for the Conservatives.

“Mr. Layton's position has been that we should completely capitulate and somehow sit down and talk with the Taliban, which is impossible for the Canadian government to do.”

Mr. MacKay did not say whether he agreed that the war in Afghanistan was not winnable.

But Mr. MacKay said he read Carleton-Smith's remarks in the Sunday Times of London “with great interest” because the British commander supported the Conservative position that the Afghan government must lead any discussions with the Taliban.

However, the newspaper did not quote Brig.-Gen. Carleton-Smith saying that.
Of course the newspaper did not quote Carlton-Smith saying that. Junior is cornered and so is making stuff up on the fly (which, for someone operating on half the normal brain function of a regular person, is not a good practice).
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