Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Why The Conservatives Deserve To Lose

Making poor Tony Clement look like a complete idiot by supporting the WHO's harm reduction strategy and opposing Insite. Such a position tends to generate such tongue-in-cheek paragraphs as:
Mr. Clement has never clearly stated why the government supports needle exchange and rehab programs but so sternly opposes the existence of a facility where drug users can actually use the safe needles and be encouraged to enter rehab. The sticking point appears to be that, at Insite, drug users cannot be arrested and prosecuted.
The government seems to be like Homer Simpson proclaiming loudly that they love addicts so much that they want to help them, while under their breath mutter to themselves how much they hate them and want them in jail. It would be really funny if it was a sitcom, but these guys are supposed to be running the country and representing Canadians internationally. I know that the WHO is a UN agency and is therefore anathema in the eyes of the Tory base, but it is taken seriously in the real world and so the government might be a tad worried that it is making Canada a laughing stock (yet again) on the world stage.
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