Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Dion Needs To Say

Every time a microphone is shoved in his face, for the next two weeks, is exactly what he said yesterday.
"This is an invention by Mr. Harper to try to trigger an election before he loses the by-elections," he said.

"This is full improvisation, and it shows panic from the Prime Minister."
It is short, sweet and has the added benefit of being true. It also might stop the panic in some of our more easily cowed pundits.

Update: This is no surprise really, but I think Wells has it about right. Harper is the George Costanza of Canadian politics. His default position is angry paranoia and rash actions. Harper is terrible at playing the waiting game and his impatience with the niceties of democracy (like waiting for an actual non-confidence vote) will bring his eventual downfall.
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