Friday, August 15, 2008

The MSM Still Doesn't Understand

From today's Globe editorial on the "In and Out Hearings":
The Conservatives may be pleased with their role in making a farce of a committee that has them in its sights. But in the process, they have also undermined the entire system that Mr. Harper purports to be concerned about - and not just for the duration of this Parliament. (emphasis mine)
The MSM has to realize that it is the plan of the group of radicals controlling our government to discredit the very idea of government, since they see government as anathema. They know that Canadians do not share that radical view, so they must be conditioned to view government as stupid, wasteful, impotent and seized with insane games playing. Hence the antics this week.

Canadians have the misfortune to be ruled (if one can call it that) by the most radically anti-government party in the history of the country (rivaling the Mike Harris abortion that is still taking lives in Ontario) . Their very actions show that they do not believe in democracy, nor even in the rule of law. They are revolutionaries who want to destroy our nation.

Update: Just in case people are wondering why I am referencing the Harris government, it was their brilliant idea to get government out of the business of regulating propane storage sites (and boilers and elevators, God help us). Industry can do a much better job, n'est pas?
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