Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ballot Question

Are we, as a people, ready to reward a party that let's 89 year old women die of food poisoning, in order to satisfy its own ideological hatred of government?

Update: For my anonymous commenter. Nik Nanos weighs in on what "reasonable" people in Ontario may conclude from this incident. H/t to Impolitical.
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  1.! I'm ready to vote CPC. The food inspection system worked the way it has always worked. I know....I work in it. Have for 12+ years. It's no different now that it was with the Libs were in power. (Some of the stuff that happened during the start of the Mad Cow incident would scare you off meat!!) The link of Harper and dying seniors is not one that reasonable people will buy. So...bring on the CPC majority.

  2. If by "reasonable" you mean other Tories then yes. For those of us who "enjoyed" the delightful rule of Mike "Don't Drink The Water" Harris, the link is quite easy to make. The Liberals were bad, agreed. But you don't fix their errors by making regulation of the industry even looser.

  3. If you want to make political hay our of the misfortune of others, go ahead. But don't manufacture links between Walkerton and Maple Leaf. It's no wonder progressives are losing the attention of average Canadians. You will stop at nothing to try and conjure up conspiracies and cover-ups where none exist. I'm with anonymous #1, I'm ready to vote CPC....although I doubt the majority will happen.

  4. But don't manufacture links between Walkerton and Maple Leaf.

    No need to manufacture anything - Tony Clement, Jim Flaherty and John Baird. Link complete.

    I too worked in the meat inspection industry, albeit peripherally, for over a year in the late 90's. I'm well aware of the situation.

    Now, I'm no fan of state interference, but in this case the state has interfered just enough to let meat packers make extra profit, but not enough to make them accept full responsibility. They have allowed the industry to internalize profits and externalize costs (and risks).

    Meat Inspectors in Ontario went from about 20 full-time employees to 3 full-time and 19 part time employees in under a year in 1999. Guess who was in charge of Ontario then?

    Harper and his Cons need to wear this like a hat.

  5. But Mike, how can Clement be connected to the current crisis when he's off on a partisan spy mission in Denver?

    Incidentally, I'd be interested to know who's paying for *that* trip.