Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mr. Sinister's Public Service

As a public service to my three readers, I am going to provide the script that Peter Van Loan will (I suspect) be using this fall every time someone asks a question about the Bernier Affair:
Mr. Speaker, the Foreign Affairs Department has thoroughly investigated this matter and its conclusions have placed the greater responsibility for this incident on another person. Mr. Speaker, the government, unlike the Liberals, has nothing to hide and that's why we on this side, are always found innocent whenever there is an investigation into our behavior. The government now considers the matter closed and if the official opposition insists on wasting the time and resources of this parliament trying to pursue this matter further, we will conclude they have nothing else to offer the Canadian people and will go to the Governor General to dissolve this House.
There, now you don't have to watch question period in the fall.
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