Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Calling Warren Kinsella

The world (meaning me) is waiting for Warren's reaction to the PM's salvo against Jean Chretien. Psycho Steve had better watch out, he won't like Warren when he is angry.
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  1. Fester, your readers (meaning me) are waiting to see if your strategic indignation translates into strategic voting.

  2. I am starting to see the whole exercise as absurd performance piece. All that is missing is a guy spouting Russian poetry in a bunny costume.

    The outcome, in my riding, is almost a forgone conclusion as I live in a safe Liberal seat. So, whether I vote or not is of no great consequence. The only reason I might drag my sorry self to the poll is it saves me from having to donate a buck and change to the NDP.

  3. Fair enough--in the same way, voting anything other than Tory in Alberta is more symbolic than strategic.

  4. I keep on calling for an election, and nobody listens... :(