Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dating Tips For Steve

After you have dated someone for a long time (and you and Dion have been going out for over a year), it is totally bad form to dump the relationship via a phone call. This is something you have to do face to face. If your partner keeps putting off the inevitable, you can start a rumour about them being a total skank, but you have to wait to see them face to face to give them the boot. Dumping a long-term steady by phone is considered very rude and if other potential partners hear you did that, you will never get laid again. And face it Steve, aside from Jack and Gilles, no one is beating a path to your door (and they are only coming to see you out of self interest. They don't really love you). I say these things because I care and because I was an adolescent twit once myself.
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