Thursday, May 10, 2007

You Say Whistle-Blower. I Say Enemy Of The State

Our glorious Environment Minister said:
“I don't think there's any suggestion that this was involving a whistle-blower,” the minister said. “Someone on an unauthorized basis leaked something, sensitive information, anonymously. (emphasis mine)
That used to be the definition of whistle blowing. I guess, under the benevolent leadership of Chairman Steve, it now means the releasing pre-authorized press releases, written by the PMO. After all, we all know that whistle blowing is meant to point out the flaws of evil people, ie Liberals, not Conservatives.

The other interesting bit from this incident is the continuing NKVDing of the RCMP. Anyone who is waiting for serious reform of the RCMP in the face of overwhelming evidence of incompetence, may as well expect the moon to fall from the sky. As long as dangerous criminals like this nameless Environment Canada employee are out there challenging the authority our beloved Conservative regime, and the RCMP is willing to track them down, no questions asked, they will have the backing of the government.
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