Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Carol Goar Is Confused

If you want to know what Liberals are "thinking" about the NDP these days, read Carol Goar. She has all their talking points down perfectly. Cherniak is so good, I didn't even see his lips move. I would deconstruct this steaming pile, point by point, but I have a busy day ahead. I trust you to see Goars crayon-composed screed for what it is.

Almost immediate update: Ok, I will look at one section:
What is more ominous than these ambiguous readings are the rumblings of a unite-the-left movement.

As the Tories tighten their grip on power, progressive voters are agitating for some kind of coalition or solidarity pact among the opposition parties.
She must have written this around Christmas. The Tories are going nowhere, fast. They are not consolidating anything, rather they seem to be about to tear each other apart in an ideological civil war. As for "progressives" agitating for a unite the left movement, I think the NDP can resist the siren song of those "progressive" giants, Buzz Hargrove, Elizabeth May and assorted Liberal bloggers.
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