Thursday, May 31, 2007

He Must Be So Proud

Since he didn't say "Go shoot some fucking Indians", Mike Harris is "exonerated". We'll just add this to his other "exoneration" and move on.

Update:Harris lovers need to give their heads a shake. While Harris didn't order the police to go into the park, that does not mean he has been "exonerated". It is clear from the report that Harris did everything within his power to box the police in so they didn't have many alternative options. It is very similar to say cutting funds to a department of environment so that there are no inspectors around to stop two incompetent local yahoos from poisoning a town. Sure, the premier didn't poison the town either, but to say he was totally blameless doesn't pass the laugh test. Setting policy at a distance does have concrete and sometimes fatal consequences on the ground.
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