Friday, May 11, 2007

Harper's Human Shields

I find it disgusting that our beloved leader is using our troops as human shields. He repeatedly and intentionally uses them to deflect criticism from his lousy government. Today, he was at it again. He went to an army base and said:
"Last month, nine soldiers from Petawawa were honoured for their work in Afghanistan, but sadly the attention has not been on them,'' he told the military community at CFB Petawawa.

"Those soldiers did not receive the attention they deserved because their story has been eclipsed by quarrels in the House of Commons with respect to allegations about detainees.
Excuse me, Mr. Harper. Have you looked in a mirror lately? If questions are being asked about detainees, it is because you are not doing your job, sir. This has nothing to do with the troops and to use them as a shield against your critics is the worst sort of moral cowardice. You sir, are a disgrace and unfit to be in the company of such heroes. Take your slime and crawl back under the nearest rock, sir. There you will be once again in an environment more suitable to a creature such as yourself.

Update: It seems other folks are seeing Stephen Harper in the same light as me, today. His loathesomeness is just so damn obvious, I guess.
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