Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sad, Sad, Sad

I haven't said much about the Shane Doan affair, because I was stunned into silence by the stupidity of it all. This is, by a long shot, the stupidest "controversy" I have ever seen in my 30 years of watching Canadian politics. Our politicians have much to be sorry for over this. I can't think of a single one of them who deserves anything but contempt over this farce. The really sad thing about it, is our politicians all thought they were being clever. Think about that.

All of the big brains in Ottawa thought it would be a good idea to use Shane Doan as a wedge. The Bloc, since they don't really give a shit about national unity were stirring the pot for the benefit of their ever diminishing base. The NDP, blithely went along, trying to look like it "understands" (read panders to) the concerns of Quebec voters. The Liberals went along, because they are astonishingly still listening to Denis Coderre. Most astonishing of all, the Tories went along, because their leader wants to eat the Bloc's lunch in rural Quebec and thinks he can do it if he acts like a Quebec nationalist with an English name. The irony is of course, that Quebecers, like everyone else in this country, can smell a phony controversy a mile off. I would bet a Tim Horton's coffee that the vast majority of Quebecers are as mystified and ticked off about our stupid politicians as the rest of us are.

In the end, what have our great leaders accomplished? Remarkably little, aside from tarnishing the reputation of a young Canadian who only wanted to play hockey. Oh, they also managed to all look like complete idiots who would sell their own grandmothers to get a few more seats. Are our citizen's reputations thought so cheap in Ottawa that they think seats are more valuable than the good name of one us? For shame.
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