Tuesday, May 22, 2007

An Emerging Pattern

I am noticing a pattern among the Star's attacks on MMP. They have given up entirely defending the merits of FPTP. They must realize how indefensible such a position is. I mean how can one defend a system that is an undemocratic anachronism unsuited to multiparty democracy? It isn't easy and so they have stopped trying.

Look out for today's highlight. Richard Gwyn calls women an "identity group". Behold the Star, Canada's "progressive" newspaper.

Update: One last thing. Gwyn does bring up some other systemic problems now extant in Canadian politics. They are worthy issues, but completely irrelevant to the debate over the electoral system. They are red herrings designed to confuse the issue. People who bring them up need to explain how maintaining the status quo in our electoral system will promote reform in other areas of our political system.
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