Friday, May 11, 2007

CBC Advocates The Death Of The NDP

I watched the National's piece (there is no time signature on it. The story is about three quarters of the way through) on the so-called "unite the left" movement last night, with a mixture of horror and amusement. The CBC has swallowed the premise that the Liberals are a centre left party. It completely ignored the record of the Liberals in power. It ignored the broken promises on the GST, NAFTA, daycare and Kyoto.

The CBC, in effect became a mouthpiece for the usual Liberal propaganda spouted on the Liblogs. The NDP is too partisan (as Don Newman has said on his show I thought that's what politicians do). The NDP only is looking out for itself. The NDP doesn't care if the Tories win. If only the NDP would get out of the Liberals way, we would have a "progressive" government. Not once did the reporter stop to question that ludicrous idea. Not once.

The topper of course was the reporter's choice in "witnesses". She used such well known "progressives" as the Liberal candidate for Central Nova, Elizabeth May and Paul Martin hugger, Buzz Hargrove (Jamey Heath was also included, "for balance", but he was never allowed to get the last word. Ever.) to whine about the NDP's "selfishness" and push "strategic voting".

Strategic voting is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the Canadian public. It posits that you can elect a Liberal government by voting for the NDP "where they have a chance to win". At least that is the surface message. The real message is "Everyone panic, the Tories may win if you vote NDP, vote Liberal or kittens will die!".

Where was the discussion about electoral reform? Nowhere. Electoral reform is the elephant in the room that the Liberal hierarchy want to ignore (and encourages everyone else to be polite enough not to mention in their presence). What a missed opportunity. The CBC could have had a good discussion about the real way forward for progressives. Instead, it pushed forward the agenda of the Liberal Party. What a diappointment.
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