Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Odd Excuses From The RCMP

Does anyone else find this odd?
If Parliament does not approve an extension, the two provisions will automatically expire on March 1. The new Liberal position pits them alongside the other opposition parties and leaves the minority Tory government outnumbered.

Should that happen, the families fear "the federal government will lack the teeth to catch suspected terrorists and stop future attacks," the association said in a news release.

"This will also seriously impact the ongoing Air India investigation."

Air India Flight 182 was blown up by a terrorist bomb over the Atlantic Ocean in 1985, killing 329 passengers, most of them Canadians of Indian descent. The tragedy ranks as Canada’s worst terrorist attack. Only one person has ever been convicted of involvment in the bombing.

It emerged last week that the RCMP has been planning to use the investigative hearing provision of the Anti-terrorism Act to compel Air India suspects to testify before a judge. If the provision is allowed to lapse, those plans would have to be scrapped. (emphasis mine)
The RCMP has had use of this law for several years and has been investigating for over 20. Why, when the law is set to expire, are they suddenly so desperate to use it in the Air India case? Are they using the victims of Air India and their families as human shields, to cover the law's use in areas of much less noble causes, perhaps? You may think so, but I certainly couldn't comment.
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