Friday, February 02, 2007

Mr. Harper's Fractured Fairytales (With Apologies To Rocky And Bullwinkle)

News Item: PM: Emissions must be `stabilized’

Stephen Harper happens upon a group of people standing around a tub of water. The tap is going full blast and a man is face down in the tub and is clearly drowning. "Someone pull the man from the water or pull the plug so the man won't drown!" cries a woman. Mr. Harper hears this cry for help and is quick to jump into the fray.

"Now, now" replies Harper. "You are clearly not the Prime Minister of Canada. What you are proposing is way too much work. If I have to pull the man out of the water, I will get tired and sweaty. If I pull the plug, I will get my clothes wet and I have a meeting later. As you can see, neither of your suggestions is realistic. That's why you are just a dreamer and I am Prime Minister", he said with a mischievous smirk. He continued, "Why not just turn the water down so it at least doesn't spill over the side of the tub? That way none of us will be inconvenienced in the slightest".

"But the man will drown!", said the woman.

"That's the price I am willing to pay" said clever Stephen. And with that, Mr. Harper went on his way, happy to have been of assistance.

Update:If any NDP members read this, can you ask Jack how he can associate himself with a group of people that, after all this, is still pushing 'intensity targets'?
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