Friday, February 09, 2007

It's 1988 All Over Again

On some things I agree with my buddy Greg Staples. This is where I think we are going. The Tories are going to dare the opposition to bring them down over Kyoto (which they probably will). The Tories will then spend the next 39 days on a scorched earth campaign featuring Buzz Hargrove in his next incarnation, the prophet of doom (who knows there may be a CAW jacket in Harper's future). The scary thing about this is it might work. If the Tories can scare the shit out of enough people, to the point where they believe their children will starve tomorrow (rather than die in a tornado twenty five years from now), they might be able to squeeze out a victory. It's going to be "bombing the bridge", all over again. Never mind that a Tory victory would be a complete disaster for the nation and the planet. As long as the great leader is re-elected, the world can go fuck itself.

When I say "victory" I may not necessarily mean "majority".
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