Friday, February 16, 2007

Harper The McCarthyite

Stephen Harper has gone into his library of historic horrors and is using that old cold war chestnut "soft on", as in soft on terrorism, to attack Dion. Harper claims Dion is being led by "extremist elements" (fellow travellers?) in the Liberal Party. What is Dion's crime, you ask? Well, he has had second thoughts about the draconian laws, drafted in the hysteria following 9/11, that have been a disaster for the civil liberties of people living in this country. Harper has always had an authoritarian bent, but now he is combining it with an ugly campaign of terror baiting. If Harper wants to find extremist elements, all he needs to do is look in the mirror.

As side note, by his friends ye shall know him. Who is rushing to Harper's aid in this sordid affair? Why it's our old friends the Martinite wing of the Liberal Party. We all remember what geniuses they are, right? Dion is wise to ignore them.
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