Saturday, February 17, 2007

Harper Hearts Separatists

Even Harper's biographer is ashamed of the guy. And why not? He's a pretty shameful guy. I think William Johnson has twigged to the intentions of the CPC under Harper. It is Harper's intention of putting the BQ's philosophy into practice, Canada-wide. It is Harper's intention, I believe, to balkenize Canada into 13 fiefdoms with no central government to speak of (aside from Harper's two pet departments, the army and the RCMP). His appeal to BQ supporters is obvious. Why separate when you can elect us and we will break up the country for you? Of course, he can't come out and say this openly, so he has to use code like "the Liberals want "centralization"" and "With the Conservatives, Quebec takes charge". The whole point is to get the message across that the Conservatives share the same goals as the separatists, but have the opportunity to put them into practice in Ottawa. It is a clever message. It is one, we in the rest of Canada, who like having a strong central government, can't ignore.
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