Wednesday, February 28, 2007

L'argent Et La Vote Ethnique

Greg Staples points us in the general direction of Jonathan Kay's column in which he comes perilously close to claiming that the anti-civil liberties laws were struck down by "money and the ethnic vote". It amazes me how the least setback to the conservative movement triggers the automatic "damn immigrants" reflex among its followers.

As a side note, Kay's use of "anonymous" sources in his story is shameful. Are these "well-informed" sources Liberals (the inference is there but who knows?), Conservatives, RCMP? What axes do these people have to grind? Readers of Kay's column will never know. We are just to take the word of a conservative columnist that these people are neutral and have no agendas of their own. It seems the mainstream media has learned absolutely nothing from the shameful smearing of Maher Arar. They need to stop relying so heavily on "anonymous" spinners.
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