Friday, February 23, 2007

Ibbitson Touches The Truth

From today's column:
For the Conservatives, it's too good to be true. By focusing on the Liberal opposition to the sunset clauses, the government gets to burnish its tough-on-crime image, paint the Liberals as weak-willed opponents of their own legislation, and perhaps win some immigrant votes. Without the investigative hearings, we may never know who was behind the bombing of Air-India Flight 182, which is why many Indo-Canadians support the government in its fight to keep the sunset clauses alive.

But with such a policy, the Conservatives risk losing more votes than they gain. Canadians with darker skin know that they are subject to racial profiling by security, customs and immigration officials. That probably can't be helped. Resources are limited and while the vast majority of visible-minority Canadians are loyal, it is also true that Scandinavian Lutheran terrorism is not a clear and present danger to Canadian security; Middle Eastern Islamist terrorism is. (Emphasis mine).
The Air India investigation is a sideshow. The real goal for the Harper government is to preserve the law in its ongoing "war on terror". Of course they can't say that openly because they would look like a bunch of racist pricks. Hence the pretense of Air India.
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