Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rolling The Dice

On this...:
With government spending slowing, the Conservatives have staked a great deal on their view that the business community will pick up the slack and stimulate the economy with expansion-minded investments. On the way to a majority election victory, Harper appears to have convinced much of the public that corporate income tax cuts and incentives for business are the essential tools for Canada’s prosperity.
Will the government live or die. Myself, I think this will all end in tears.
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  1. But, but... he's a master economist. All the ads said so!

  2. Also, he convinced less than 40% of the wisdom of his policies, not "much of the public".

  3. There's a majority government; it will be judged in October 2015 on the basis of how the country's doing, and on how its policies are perceived to have affected that course.