Wednesday, May 04, 2011

People Need To Move On

Liberals, the election is over. FPTP danced a fandango on your asses. Stop bitching and work to change the system. Stop waiting for Canadians to "come to their senses" and do something positive. Otherwise, you are wasting energy on bitterness and what good will that do you?

Btw, what do you think of Andrew Steeles prescription for the NDP? Just become the Liberal Party and all will be well. Puke.

Update: Looking at the some of the Liberal blogs on ProgBlog, I am starting to think that they are the Bourbons of the 21st century. They remember everything and learn nothing.
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  1. You will need protective clothing.

  2. Just reading, not commenting at those places.

    Till the summer of 2015, it's all just a spectator's game anyway. (Well, some of us can go be delegates at our respective parties' conventions. I will, anyway. And there's provincial and municipal politics, too...)

  3. Incidentally -- been seeing your man Ed in the news lately.

    So he thinks it's worth taking an election cycle or two to see if the NDP can do to the Canadian Liberals what Labour did to the British Liberals in the 1920s.

    That shows how Canadian politics has shifted -- as he'd been in on the talks with Chretien last year...

  4. The long game. Harper did it, so can the NDP.