Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rob Ford Has Seen The Enemy

After enduring the worst recession since the Great Depression, and seeing income distribution rates at their most skewed in decades, Rob Ford has identified the cause, garbage workers. Crushing them and taking away their pensions, will I'm sure usher a new era of prosperity for the average Torontonian.
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  1. I'm shocked he got it through council.

    Thrilled. (As you might guess.) But shocked.

  2. Forensic accountancy firm Rosen & Associates conducted a review of the supposed "cost efficiencies" which are ostensibly at the heart of Ford's push to privatize waste collection. In their findings, the firm determined the assertion of cost savings to be "fictional," noting that the "[a]vailable facts do not support the Staff's claims and claims of cost savings could easily become additional costs for contracting out."

    Furthermore, the report suggests that "[m]aterial, relevant cost information is either not available, or has not been assembled, from the City's accounting systems. In the absence of basic cost data, it is troublesome to us as to how Staff can make assertions regarding anticipated savings, much less expect City Council to make major contractual commitments based upon faulty analysis and unsupported estimates."

    In other words, the Mayor's staff's assertions that cost savings through privatization is a certainty is dubious at best, and if privatization does lead to reduce costs, those savings will amount to private sector profits and not taxpayer savings. In other other words, public money will be directed away from thousands of secure jobs with strong pensions and good benefits and into the hands of private waste collection firms.

    Can't wait for that trickle down, though. Cover your eyes and close your mouth.