Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Merger Schmerger 2011 Edition.

A stupid, stupid idea, thought up by people who can't count past two. You might as well try to create a gryphon or a chimera for all the good it will do you. If the elites in this country really want to get behind something worthwhile, they should try electoral reform. Trying to join the Liberals and the NDP is a useless waste of time.
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  1. If enough of you don't like the merger idea, it won't go forward. (Well, are you active in your local party? If not, best get active to stop it.)

  2. Hear, frickin' hear.

    I think the country's big and broad enough to easily support three parties. But that means, depending on how the wind blows, one of them is going to get wallopped every now and then. We saw it with the Cons in 92, liberals now, and NDP -- well, every election until now.

    I lived in the US for seven years (yes, yes, I didn't come back for you), and while I'm still baffled by the US, I can tell you this much for sure -- having a two party system does *not* improve the politics of a nation.