Friday, May 27, 2011

Have Our Elites Lost Their Minds?

I am beginning to think so, given the title of John Ibbitson's column today: Things fall apart, Liberals cannot hold – the NDP is loosed upon the world Jesus on a crutch. I should not have to explain this to people with a functioning brain, but the Liberals do not have a divine right to rule and Jack Layton is not the fucking anti-Christ.
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  1. Oh, man, that is a find. I laughed and laughed. At least he's being honest? :)

  2. At least. And the article itself is somewhat milder than the headline would suggest. I think his analysis of the elite zeitgeist is accurate. The natural order has been shaken and they just can't figure it out. So, they are obsessing on Layton as if he won the election and meanwhile Harper is roaming the world dropping anvils on people's heads.

  3. I forgot to look up the Yeats lines.

    So y'all are "mere anarchy" and "the blood-dimmed tide"?


  4. Apparently. A bit over the top, even for the hysterics of Forest Hill.

  5. MOST Liberals should be Conservatives. Period. Their true colours are now being displayed for all to see. Some Liberals should be New Democrats. The Liberal Party of Canada is sick. You have to wonder why they even bother to exist any longer. Great post!!

  6. John Ibbitson doesn't have a brain or a soul to lose.

    Thanks for informing us on his latest atrocity, but he's one shit-head I can't be bothered to read, ever.

    The whole Glib n' Stale endorsement of the anti-Canadian stephen harper permanently destroyed the kernels of credibility they had with me.

    Un-fuck 'em all.

  7. In a big-picture sense, I won't argue with the tenor of the comments here, but Greg's right: the article's actually milder than the headline suggests. What that says about standards at the Globe is something else.

    The landscape's been polarized, whether we like it or not, and that polarization's a big part of Harper's electoral success. We're not doing ourselves any favours by pretending otherwise.

  8. "and that polarization's a big part of Harper's electoral success."

    Only if he can keep his enemies divided. Otherwise it's a road to being stomped at the polls. Remember, he owns the smaller slice of the pie and it's never going to get much bigger.

    I think part of the reaction to the rise of the NDP is the horror on the right at finding out Stevie Blunder was so stupid. He expended all of his energy smashing up the Liberals and their new leader, in blissful ignorance of the more left-wing party coming up behind them. Now he's got to do the same thing with the NDP, which has a leader whose public persona is already firmly established.