Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can Someone Be Charged With Treason

For disagreeing with the hard right party of a foreign country? If you listen to leading Republicans, the answer is, yes. If Harper is smart, he will keep his mouth shut.
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  1. Well... everyone knows that it'll have to be 1967 borders with a little give-and-take.

    Problem with just saying the former in a speech is that the little give-and-take is what is holding up the talks.

    Re Harper -- I'm guessing he will not speak up. Needs to keep a good working relationship with the president, and the odds are that BHO gets reelected.

  2. I stand corrected: Ottawa DID break with Washington. Not in a disagreeable way, but they didn't hide it either.


  3. Well, Greg, your guys are always asking for an independent Canadian foreign policy -- that we not genuflect to Washington.

    You've got it. :p

  4. Yes, that's true, but I never thought Washington would actually get a clue. ;p