Sunday, November 14, 2010

Support The Troops? What A Joke

Talk is cheap, but the fact is, we don't support the troops. Sure, we line the "Highway of Heroes", but that doesn't cost anything but our time. When there is a real cost in tax dollars, our attitude is "Fuck you whiners", we want tax cuts for corporations and fifth generation stealth fighters to ward off an enemy that hasn't existed for twenty years". You think that is harsh? Why do you think the governments in Ottawa and Toronto can get away with cuts to mental health services? Because they can, that's why. As long as Canadians in general and the Tory base in particular is willing to put up with this kind of nonsense and continue to support a government that talks about the troops, but ends up screwing them, then the screwing will continue. But on the bright side, the corporations will be happy as they continue to ship jobs overseas and Peter MacKay sure will look great in a flight suit.
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  1. This is an area where governments in general have been totally out of touch with the population's desires. I have NEVER heard even the most rabid cut-taxes-and-slash-spending Con supporter suggest that government spends too much on our veterans and their dependents. Yet for some reason successive governments have only grudgingly, and usually under intense public pressure, done the right thing. It's frankly disgusting.