Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Quibble, Mr. Travers

I agree, on the whole, with your Remembrance Day column, but I take issue with this passage:
Decades after Vimy, the ‘50s Suez peacekeeping solution and five years into a sharp ideological shift, this country had no convincing story to tell. Instead of taking its assumed place in the vanguard of countries finding solutions, Canada is now dismissed as a backslider and obstacle to progress.
There has been no ideological shift in this country. The only shift that has occurred is a shift in votes away from the Liberal Party to the Bloc Quebecois and the Greens. Combine that shift with the "magic" of our retrograde electoral system and voila, Conservative government. So, don't despair, the old Canada is still there. All we need to bring it back is electoral reform, which I hope your newspaper will now support.
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  1. Point of order. The Bloc Quebecois did not materialize from the Liberals. It materialized from the Conservatives.

  2. True, Mr. Bow, but they occupy former Liberal seats (remember when Quebec was almost completely red?) and must therefore attract soft nationalist voters who at one time voted Liberal.

  3. BTW, I love, love, love your chinglish Dr. Who review.