Monday, November 08, 2010

Help For The Confused

From today's Globe on statements made by outgoing veteran's ombudsman, Pat Stogran:
Regardless of his future, Mr. Stogran said the government will have to explain what the war was all about to not only families of the dead, but also the wounded who will show up at future Remembrance Day services.
As a public service, here is what the war was about. It was a sop, from Jean Chretien to George W. Bush, because Chretien did not want to send troops into an illegal war in Iraq. Chretien thought by getting the troops posted to Kabul, Canada could point out to the Bushies that Canada was pulling its weight, and thereby keep the U.S border open to trade. This was a fine (but completely cynical) strategy, until the Martin regime overthrew Chretien. Paul Martin, in his usual fashion, dithered his way into moving our troops from the relatively safe Kabul to the meat grinder of Kandahar.

Martin, of course, threw himself under a bus and was replaced by Stephen Harper. Harper, who would have much preferred to have committed our troops to Iraq in the first place, has happily kept our troops in a no win situation (with a great big assist from the Liberals), in Kandahar, for four years.

In summary, the war in Afghanistan was a cynical sop to an ally that was feeling vulnerable and angry (and was quite frankly, driven a bit crazy)after a terrorist attack, in a bid to keep the economy going. You are welcome.
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