Friday, November 12, 2010

It's A Stephen Harper/Iggy World

And the rest of us just live in it. No need to bring this to parliament. All Harper needs to extend our stay in Afghanistan, apparently, is buy in from Iggy and Bob Rae and everyone else is expected to jump. Does the rank and file of the Liberal Party agree with the extension? Who cares? Not the leadership of the Liberal Party.
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  1. Foreign policy decisions, including declarations of war, are a Crown prerogative... therefore just matters of cabinet decision-making.

    Harper took the Afghan mission to Parliament in previous years because it suited him -- it validated an election promise, and it helped him split the Liberals.

    No idea why it isn't going to Parliament this time -- I assume Ignatieff and Rae could muster up at least ten members of their caucus to vote for the resolution.

    Maybe the point is to make sure it doesn't become a convention that all of this has to go to a vote?

    Beats me.

  2. Wait, maybe I misspoke.

    Don't know if he can pull ten MPs with him.

    Maybe Harper's doing Ignatieff a favour by not having a vote?

  3. Harper isn't going to parliament yet. I suspect if enough people speak out he will go. After all, he has little to lose. The Liberals on the other hand will be moving heaven and earth to "turn the page".

  4. I get it now -- have Jack tear down Iggy and Bob.

    Strange ways of Canadian politics...