Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Note To Jeff Simpson

Dear Jeff,

I am happy for your Australian friend. I am glad she was able to afford private health insurance and jump the queue. However, as you yourself point out, Australians complain about wait times in their public system, so your argument about private health care helping to take the pressure off the public system seems, a tad off. The thing is, the resources and staff used in the private system are drained from the public one (unless Australia has perfected cloning technology and are breeding doctors, nurses and technicians in a lab). As usual, any benefit to such a system is reserved for those who have the means to pay more for care. The rest of the population gets the leftovers. So, until you can solve the zero sum problem of public/private medicine, I think I will stick with public only care. Thanks for writing. Greg.
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  1. arrgh.

    Jeffrey Simpson is such a dumb-ass! He's been yammering for DECADES now on the same stupid theme.

    Yes, Jeffrey, we know. Modern medical care costs money. Yes, there are all sorts of experts and machines and drugs and it's expensive.

    No Jeffrey. Allowing some of it to be paid by private insurance companies isn't going to make the machines or the doctors or the drugs less expensive.

    Would you please stfu.

  2. Even most Albertans support public health care--to the chagrin of the provincial oligarchy.