Saturday, November 06, 2010

Greg's Real Elite Quiz

Answer the following questions as best you can and score accordingly.

1. Did you attend public schools? (-30)

2. Did you attend private schools? (+30)

3. Do you have an MBA or a law degree? (+50)

4. Do you have a degree in the Arts? (-50)

6. Does your job title contain either "finance" or "international"? (+100) A bonus of +50 for those who have both.

7. Does your job bring you into direct contact with the public at large (excluding politicians)? (-100)

8. Do you work in the PMO? (+300)

9. Do you belong to a union? (-200)

10. Have you ever skied in Aspen? (+50 for each occasion)

11. Cottages. Rent (-50). Own (+50). Cottage? I can't afford to own a car (-100). Bonus of +100 if you own a cottage on Lake Rosseau or Lake Joseph

Add up you score. If you scored 200 or better, congratulations, you are a member of the ruling class.
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  1. Well, if I don't screw up, I may hit 180 in a couple of years...

    Funnily enough, I hit elite status in Wente's column, too -- but I codeswitch.

    I like MMA and tailgate parties, I prefer blue collar bars, but I also like the arts, and I got a ridiculously expensive education...

  2. Wente, herself a truly snobby elite, more or less agrees with the FOX News Toronto Sun crowd that anyone who graduated High School and has read a book that didn't involve spies, vampires or heaving bosums or have the words "for dummies" in the title is an "elite"

  3. Orwell would have had a field day examining the degradation of the word "elite".