Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Liars, Rogues And Thugs

Don Martin wrote:
Watching the Conservatives wrap themselves in a freedom-of-expression argument, insisting their 144 MPs were all voting their constituent’s orders, was a hilarious misrepresentation of reality.

Nobody believes the Greater Toronto Area ridings held by Conservatives are uniformly against the registry just as we know not all Liberal or New Democrat ridings support its preservation.

The government whipped MPs into unanimity of opinion by letting it be known there was an obituary waiting to be written for any who dared vote to back the registry.
Mr. Martin is publicly calling this "private member's bill" a fraud ( and Mr. Martin, it isn't "hilarious"). Are we, as a nation, going to allow our government to pervert our democracy so cavalierly? Are we so inured to this gang of thugs that they can literally lie in our faces and we will just sit back and take it? My answer is no! All of us together, must say in a loud voice, NO!
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