Monday, September 20, 2010

Fare Thee Well To Nova Scotia

Attention Nova Scotia voters. This is what the Conservative base thinks of you, your province and your elected representatives:
What did you expect? A deadbeat socialist MP from a deadbeat socialist riding from a deadbeat province with hands out all the time? Put a dead bottom feeding lobster in that riding paint it deadbeat socialist orange and the socialist deadbeat hillbillies will vote for it.
At least he or she didn't mention a "culture of defeat."
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  1. He polled his constituents and is voting with them.

    That's a proper use of discretion -- don't always go with them, but at least consider it. (Cf. Harper, Calgary West in 1996ish.)

  2. I am more of a Burkean on this point, but I am glad he is not. ;)

  3. I'm in between.

    Always poll your constituents & know what they think, but reserve the right to use your own judgment and justify it to them afterwards.

    Politics is a dialogue between representatives and citizens.