Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harper's Willing Accomplices

Here are the Ontario urban/suburban Conservatives who voted to gut gun control. If I missed any, let me know.

Stephen Woodworth Kitchener Centre
Terence Young Oakville
Mike Wallace Burlington
Lisa Raitt Halton
Peter Kent Thornhill
Ed Holder London West
Gary Goodyear Cambridge
Royal Galipeau Ottawa Orleans
Jim Flaherty Whitby—Oshawa
Peter Braid Kitchener—Waterloo
Lois Brown Newmarket—Aurora
Paul Calandra Oak Ridges—Markham
Colin Carrie Oshawa
Bob Dechert Mississauga—Erindale
John Baird Ottawa West
Pierre Poilievre Nepean--Carleton
Harold Albrecht Kitchener--Conestoga

Voters in these ridings need to remember these names and hold them to account for their sheep-like support of the Prime Minister's insane policy of lawlessness.
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  1. Gary Schellenberger: Perth-Wellington
    My riding :(