Monday, September 06, 2010

Brian Topp, Liberal

At least he drags out the tired, old Liberal scare tactics in his latest apologia of NDP tactics during the gun registry debate:
Most activists in the NDP universe take a decisively pro-registry position. But the more thoughtful among them know that if their party misplays its cards, they could hand enough rural seats to Mr. Harper to give him his majority – ensuring the outcome they want to prevent.
Vote for us, no matter what kind of shit we are shoving down your throats, or else Harper gets his majority. Well Brian, I rejected that kind of crap when it was on offer from the Liberals and I am going to reject it from you, too. I have no quarrel with reforming the registry, but that is not what is on offer here. If you vote with the Conservatives, they will kill the registry and salt the earth so it will cost another billion to restart the thing (and you know that will not happen).

Your party is faced with a choice. I know it isn't fair, but then what is? You either stand with the registry and reform it later, or you kill it, dead and for all time. You might lose some rural seats in the bargain, but you may also pick up some urban ones in the west, in the process. I can tell you one thing though, I wouldn't want to be running in Vancouver or Toronto as an NDP candidate, in the next election, if the party helps to kill the registry. It will be a slaughter.
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