Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I don't care why they changed their minds and I really don't give two shits whether or not that rat bastard Harper thinks he has won his majority ( he hasn't and his own caucus knows the man is a loser). All that matters is the registry looks to be safe (with the important caveat that everyone shows up. Liberals I am looking at you). P.S. NDP you will be getting a nice donation if this is pulled off.
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  1. It assumes all the unnamed New Democrats put their names to Layton's announcement today (I hope they do) and actually show up? Are they going to show up?

    How many NDP MPs will still oppose the Bill.

    And in the most cynical, does the number of possible imagined Liberal absentees outnumber the number of New Democrat opponents?

    Only then do the Liberals own part of the consequential defeat.

    And really, the entire NDP strategy seemed to be "There's no way in hell that the Liberals can keep their shit together on this."

    So far their wrong. Hopefully, the fallacy of that strategy will be clearly demonstated next Wednesday.

  2. No one lately has gone broke betting on Liberal disorganization. I hope this time they are wrong, too.