Friday, August 14, 2009

When A Vulcan Chess Master Meets An Isotope Crisis

I know we should all be amazed by the lack of urgency and bloodlessness emanating from the Harperites about the shortage of medical isotopes, caused by the shut down of Chalk River. But, I for one have exhausted my supply of amazement. This is just how government works, or rather doesn't work, under 21st century conservatism. In Harper's mind, the government should never have been in the business of producing isotopes in the first place. The fact that it was producing them and there is a problem and he is in charge of the government, in no way contradicts Harper's first principle. So, the response from Harper is a metaphorical shrug of the shoulders. To Harper, the people suffering as a result of the shortage of isotopes, should be thought of as teachable moments. In Harper's mind, they are the result of government involvement in areas where it should not tread, and not something he should do much about. Too bad really, they got sick at a bad time and as a result of their own stupidity for voting Liberal all those years. Now, if only we had private health care and they had the right kind of insurance....
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