Friday, August 14, 2009

Ian Capstick Describes The New Democratic Party

And it sounds an awful lot like the Liberal Party.
Democrats in Canada are centrist and leftist socialists, social democrats, unionists and workers, either fiscally conservative or liberal. Democrats believe fundamentally in democracy and the will of people, we believe government does not exist only to be made smaller or, worse, only to “earn” votes in the next election. Democrats can work with people in all political parties to forge compromise and build solutions. Democrats can lead governments.
If the Democratic Party of Canada thinks that class issues are now passé (even going so far as showing "critics on the left" the door), in the midst of a crisis rife with class issues, then the political spectrum of Canada is getting closer and closer to being a monochromatic "choice" between neo-liberalism and neo-liberalism lite. Is this what social democrats in Canada really want?
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  1. The CCF and the early NDP always used to talk about the two old line parties and thought of themselves as different--and they were. The CCF Regina Manifesto claimed it would not rest until capitalism was replaced by the Co-operative Commonwealth. Now the NDP or DP or whatever it will be will not rest until it is the third old line party and thus has shown that Democrats can lead governments!