Saturday, August 01, 2009

State Of The Union

David Sirota looks at the health of American democracy and pronounces it terminal. We don't need to worry in Canada though. Our democracy has been dead for about two decades.
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  1. American democracy is healthy.

    It has checks and balances that slow passage of legislation, which allows the public time to deliberate, to re-consider what they want.

    And now the public has decided that it doesn't like what it's seeing from Washington, so passage of largescale reforms is become less likely.

    That's exactly what should happen.

    It's annoying when your guys have the majority and aren't acting (think entitlements reform in 2005 for when I got frustrated), but there's a good reason why it's (not) happening.

  2. ("is become" => "has become" or "is becoming")

  3. Part of the problem is, they are not my guys. They're Liberals. But, regardless of the titular "party in power", the only party that matters is the money party.