Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liberals Leave Reality Based Community

Socialist-loving newspaper, the Globe and Mail has this headline this morning: Layton Sees No Reason To Back PM.

I have no idea whether, in the end, Layton will make a deal to avoid an election. Jack and I are not on speaking terms. But, if Harper suddenly decides that socialism is his true calling and renounces and undoes all he has done over the last three years, then Jack should definitely give it a look. I won't hold my breath though.

I will say this, it is hilarious to see Liberals up in arms over the merest suggestion that the NDP will make a deal with Harper, after all the Liberals have done to prop him up for three years. Liberal partisans even go so far as to insult NDP voters by using Tommy Douglas in their propaganda. This is the same Tommy Douglas who once said that Liberals have a wishbone where they ought to have a backbone. Some things never change. The Liberals are the last group on earth who should give anyone lectures about taking stands, since you have to have experience in the topic before teaching anyone else.

Instant Update:Meanwhile the Tories are spinning their own conspiracy theories:
“The meeting was cordial. But it's also clear to us that the NDP want to work with the Liberals and the Bloc Québécois. I think that Mr. Layton asked for the meeting so he can pretend he's not working with his coalition partners, but the reality is that he is.”
Jack Layton must be the greatest political mastermind since Machiavelli. Or, he has the looniest opponents, ever.
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